Our Moral Responsibility

Our Passion

Cakes are not just our business, they are our passion. Our Gateaux, Pastries, cupcakes, cookies, dry items, savories are all baked and prepared with the same love, care, and affection that would go into preparing for our own friends and family. To us, the cakes and pastries that go out in the market are not merely our product line but are our way to bring something we love into our customer's homes. We cater each and every event in a personalized manner something that is unique.

Our Process

When it comes to baking, our bakers are inclined towards the highest standards of quality, delivering freshly made products from scratch in our premises. Our professional bakers and confectioners are skilled enough to bring our customers exquisitely designed cakes to meet each and every one of their occasions, whether it is a birthday or a wedding to valentines day or Christmas parties. The aroma and the taste speaks for itself here at Delicious Foods, time stands still when you are enjoying our products.

Product Quality and Hygiene

We at Delicious Foods adhere to the strictest quality of regulations to be followed, with special attention to the taste, nutritional properties, textures, shelf life and so on we make sure that before our product reaches to our customer. For the food and beverage industry, Hygiene is crucial and plays a vital role in ongoing sustainability and growth. Therefore, right from the inception i.e selection of quality goods, the arrival of the raw materials and proper storage to preparation and distribution, our staff members mind the adherence to fixed hygiene standards.